AfriSam Children’s Tour

As part of Zeitz MOCAA’s Centre for Art Education, children of all age groups will encounter unprecedented experiences of contemporary art from Africa and its Diaspora through supporting education and enrichment programmes. To complement the Centre for Art Education, the AfriSam Children’s Tour has been designed for children aged between 6 and 18, as well as their families. Similar to the art tour, the educational tour will take a close look at the museum’s seminal artworks and installations to ensure that children get a true understanding of the Zeitz MOCAA collection, the various aspects that go into art making, and the conceptualisation that informs the art process. In line with the museum’s objectives, this tour will enrich, inspire and bring art and culture to school children, broadening their perspectives on contemporary art from Africa.

AfriSam Chikdren’s Audio Tours to launch soon.